Prices & Information

Orion Marine Pontoon Rentals

No 1/2 Days or Gift Certificates will be available during the holiday week July 1st- July 5th

THIS SEASON'S PONTOON FLEET IS ON SALE !! Ask about our Rental Demo Program

General Information

  • U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are included in all rentals with sizes ranging from infant to adult. Children ages 6 and under will be provided with a life vest that must be worn at all times, while aboard our boats and on the docks Orion Marine.
  • Maximum capacity aboard our boats is 10 persons.
  • Renter must be 30 years old and have a valid driver's license. Having a boat safety license is always preferred but not required.
  • We provide you with a map of Lake Orion.
  • Sorry, there are NO dogs, NO fireworks, and NO BBQs allowed.
  • We have ICE on site for purchase.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING on board our brand new boats. Evidence of smoking or spotted smoking aboard will make renter forfeit their $100 cash deposit, rental will end immediately and be subject to a floor replacement and/or interior repair charge for burn damages of up to $3,500 dollars.    

On Your Boating Day, Do Not Forget

  • Rental is CASH ONLY
  • BRING ADDITIONAL $100 in CASH for a deposit
  • Credit Card to refill the gas tank (only way pumps operate) and also used for your damage deposit slip.
  • Driver's license for each captain. (Must be at least 30 Years old)
  • Pack like you're going on a picnic, not like your going up north for the weekend (pack light).
  • Coolers, sunscreen, towels, phone charger (has USB, or 12V ports), windbreaker/jacket.
  • Leave your valuables at home (diamonds, iPads, jewelry, watches, and designer handbags).
  • The Captain Meeting will begin once everyone has arrived. Takes 15-25 minutes depending on the size of the party and how many times you have rented with us. This meeting will cover how to operate our boats, Michigan boating laws, Safety equipment check, brief docking lesson, and a thorough damage inspection before and after your rental.
  • Rental time does NOT start once you leave the dock, so if you want to be on the water by your starting time, please allow extra time for loading, parking, and Captain Meeting.


  • When you have given us your credit card information, this is your commitment that you have made a reservation.
  • There are NO cancellations allowed on the day of your rental.
  • Our cancellation policy FOR WEEKENDS MUST BE MADE BY WEDNESDAY NIGHT BEFORE THAT WEEKEND for your credit card to not be charged.  48-hour notice as well for weekdays.  You must call and speak with a live person to cancel; not a voicemail, text, or email.
  • SEVERE WEATHER/RAIN that occurs the morning or day of your rental would be the only exception when CANCELLATION is permissible.  If we are going to close due to weather, we do not make that decision until the morning of your rental.
  • In cases where INCLEMENT WEATHER occurs during the time you are renting thus limiting your rental hours, a rain-check can be issued for the time missed to come back and see us for a sunset cruise (3 hours or more).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a boating safety license?

Having a boat safety license is always preferred but not required. The Captain needs a driver's license and to be at least 30 years old.

How much experience do I need to drive a pontoon?

Pontoons are pretty simple, and we will assist you with coming into the dock.  If this is your first time driving a boat, and have little boating experience we ask that you come during the week a few times so that we can spend some extra time with you.  This allows you get familiar with our lake and time to practice anchoring a few times before being surrounded by other boats on the weekends.  

Are there any restaurants on the water?

No, but there are plenty of food delivery options that will bring food right to our dock. Check out Also, Honest to Goodness, and Lockhart’s BBQ deliver food to our dock; just ask us for a menu. You can also visit Rick's Party Store on the lake for any goodies you may run out of or have forgotten. They have some great pizza by the slice or call ahead for a whole pizza.  Check out their facebook page for other food specials.   

Do you offer 1/2 days on the weekend?

If we have a boat still sitting on the dock at noon that was not rented, we will rent that boat for a 1/2 day for $300. This rarely happens during peak season, but sometimes you may get lucky early in the season. You will need to call that day to find out availability, which should be updated in our voicemail if we are with customers.

Can we tube behind the boat?

Yes, you can tow a tube, however, we do not allow it on the weekends if it is your first time renting with us. If you want to try tubing for the first time, come on a weekday to get to know our lake and get some experience. Due to heavy lake traffic, we only allow tubing between 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. on the weekends, at no extra cost. The cost to rent tubes during the week is $50 which covers the tube (two-person), tow line, and ski vests for anyone tubing. Tubing is also not allowed on any evening due to heavy lake traffic.

Can we bring our own tube to tow behind the boat?

You can bring your own tube, but you need to bring all your own safety equipment to avoid tube rental cost. This means you need to bring your own ski vests and tow line. On the weekends tubing is allowed 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Tubing is not allowed on any evening due to heavy lake traffic.

Do you have an air compressor?

Yes, we have an air compressor; just come earlier to use it so it does not cut into your lake time.

What if I have 11 people?

Boats will hold up to 10 adults, and one child under 50 lbs. NO MORE than 11 bodies (one being a child under 50 lbs.).

Why can’t I bring my dog?

Lake Orion is all private property so there is nowhere for them to go to the bathroom. Also, our insurance company does not allow dogs on our brand new boats.

Do you have life jackets for infants?

Yes, we have life jackets for any child 6 years and under. If you have a life jacket, bring it. Then they can have one for swimming and one dry to wear on the boat. Puddle jumpers are not approved for boating for children under 6 in Oakland County, but you can bring it for swimming.

Is there a sandbar?

Yes, there is a shallow, sandy spot on the lake that is popular on the weekends. So get here early and make that your first stop to swim with the kids.

Can we fish off the boat?

Yes, provided that you keep the boat CLEAN. There is a $25 cleaning charge if you bring back the boat dirty with mud or fishing debris.

What kind of fish are in the lake?

Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Crappie, Pike, Perch, and lots of Bluegill.

What if I am under 30 years old?

Find someone to drive the boat who is at least 30 years old. If we see someone under the age of 30 behind the wheel our boat, your rental will be over immediately with no refunds. These are not our rules; this is our insurance company so this is not something we are flexible on.

Can I drink alcohol on the boat?

Yes, the driver can drink as long as they are sober before they get behind the wheel of the boat. Same rules as the road apply here. We do not tolerate heavy drinking and partying on our boats. Keep it cool. You do not want to be on our “Do Not Rent List.” You may not be invited to come back and rent with us in the future.

Where are the restrooms?

The only restroom on the lake is at our marina, you can get back to us in 10-15 minutes depending on where you are on the lake.

Any shallow spots I should know about?

We are going to provide you with a map of the lake, marked with shallow areas. If your not sure where you are at, a good rule of thumb is to always stay 100 ft. from the shoreline and also stay out of “Stump Bay” which is also marked on your map.